How to lose five kilos in a week in a healthy and healthy way


Making the decision to lose weight is something that will mark us in the near future for days, weeks or even months. Therefore, when it comes to the conclusion that we want to lose the extra kilos, it is essential to be clear on a mental level, since we will have to take that decision to its last consequences if we want to be successful.

The problem is that, on many occasions, we leave the weight loss plan half way, either because we cannot bear the diet, because we are not feeling well or for any other reason. The fact of not putting ourselves in the hands of professionals causes a high abandonment of these processes to lose weight, so it is always important to seek help from an expert.

In doing so, they will surely give us a lot of advice, such as the fact that it is essential to look for a diet that allows us to lose weight in the long term. But, and when do we have to lose weight urgently, such as when we have an event like a wedding in sight? In that case, it is best to look for plans from professionals to help us.

This is how you lose five kilos in a week

The experts at Health Line have put out a guide to lose ten pounds in a single week by following seven simple steps. It is about applying seven tips to our day to day so that, during a single week, we are able to lose five kilos and be perfect for that event in which we want to show off a perfect body.

Foods rich in protein such as chicken or fish are the most indicated, along with whole grains, to take during this week

The first step is to reduce carbohydrates and increase protein. The reason is that reducing your carbohydrate intake in the short term has been shown to help both lose weight and reduce abdominal bloating. Additionally, increasing your intake of lean protein speeds up your metabolism and reduces your appetite at the same time.

The second is to eat whole foods and eliminate processed ones. Whole grain foods are very rich in fiber and low in calories and help us to have a healthy diet in which we quickly feel full. For this reason, during this week we must eliminate processed foods, which are high in fat, and opt for whole foods rich in protein.

Then you have to reduce your calorie intake. To achieve this, we can follow some of these tips such as counting the calories of each meal, eliminating snacking between meals, not drinking sugary drinks, reducing sauces and replacing them with lemon or vinegar or choosing lean and low-calorie foods, such as chicken or fish. It is important to consume more calories than you eat.

The goal is possible

The fourth step to achieve our goal is to exercise. Experts recommend two specific sports: lifting weights and high intensity workouts or HIIT. Thanks to exercise we will burn calories, placing ourselves closer to the goal we set at the beginning of the week, and combining both sports is the best solution.

For the fifth step, we continue talking about abandoning a sedentary lifestyle, but also outside the gym. That happens by changing some of our lifestyle habits such as walking or cycling to work, taking the stairs and not using the elevator, going for a daily walk or even cleaning the house. All this will help burn calories and, therefore, lose weight.

The penultimate step is something we've already talked about here: intermittent fasting. It is about choosing a window of hours during which we eat and others during which we fast. For example, we can decide to eat food for ten hours a day, between nine in the morning and seven in the afternoon, and fast for the remaining 14 hours. Each person must choose which is the window that best suits their possibilities

The basis of everything is to burn more calories than we eat and not accumulate fluids that could boycott our plan

The seventh and last tip to lose five kilos in a week is to reduce fluid retention. It is a problem that many people suffer and that causes the scale not to lower. Some tricks, such as taking a supplement called dandelion, drinking coffee or not eating foods to which we can show an intolerance will help us achieve our goal at the end of the seven days of diet.

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